Freight Carrier Shipments

LodgMate understands the need to offer competitive freight rates to reduce shipping costs. Utilizing a network of more than 30 of the top national and regional logistics companies such as Estes® YRC Freight, Saia®, & Dayton, we are able to quickly accommodate large furniture orders with exceptional rates. FedEx LTL freight is our carrier of choice, and our strong relationship helps to lower the cost for all our customers with ground and freight LTL shipments.

After we contact you regarding the additional freight shipment cost, ship date, and tracking information, you’re ready to receive your order! In order to prepare for your incoming order, please read the following to ensure you are following the correct procedures for receiving a freight shipment.

Step 1: Receiving the Shipment

  • Verify shipment arrived safely and note any issues or damages while the carrier driver is there!
  • Carrier drivers have a responsibility to wait up to 15 minutes for inspection purposes.
  • It is your responsibility to inspect individual items before signing the delivery receipt.
    • This includes unboxing, breaking shrink wrap, separating skids

Step 2: The Delivery Receipt

Delivery Success
If you receive your freight shipment and everything is damage free, enjoy your order!

Delivery Unsuccessful
If you receive your freight shipment and find damage you must note EXACTLY:

  1. Item Type (ex: Headboard)
  2. Item Quantity (ex: 3 Pieces)
  3. Damage Description (ex: Deep cracks on top corner)
Keep the copy of your receipt as confirmation and take pictures of the items and packaging. Contact us within 1 business day of receiving the items and email customer service at We will be in touch with you regarding a quick resolution.

*Please note that if your partial shipment or entire shipment is damaged and you do not supply descriptions on the receipt, we can NOT guarantee any compensation for damages.

Step 3: Signing the Receipt

Regardless of if your freight shipment has damage or not, you must sign your delivery receipt to confirm your shipment arrived. It is only an issue if you sign the delivery receipt, and you DO NOT note any damage on the receipt. Your signature is the final confirmation to the carrier and driver that the shipment is in acceptable condition.
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