Door Viewers
Provide security and privacy for your hotel guests with our offering of door viewers. All viewers are adjustable and designed for doors ranging in thickness from 1-3/8" to 2-1/4" and require a 1/2" bore hole. Available in up to three finishes.
  • Fabricated from solid brass
  • DV85 and DV42 are fitted with a plastic lens
  • DV85 has an out diameter of 5/8"
  • DV42 and DV57 have an outer diameter of 1"
  • DV57 has a glass lens and is UL Rated w/ a 20 min. fire rating
Shipping: Typically Ships within 24 Hours


  • #DV85
    160° Door Viewer
    5/8" Outer Diameter
  • $0.00 ea.
  • #DV42
    180° Door Viewer
    1" Outer Diameter
  • $0.00 ea.
  • #DV57
    180° Door Viewer; UL Rated
    1" Outer Diameter
  • $0.00 ea.
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