Architrac Baton Draw "Ceiling Mount" One Way Draw Drapery Track
Architrac ceiling-mount rods are designed for hard-use installations where misuse may damage costly draperies. The fiberglass baton rod used to draw the draperies is in full guest view unlike hidden traverse strings. This will help prevent guests from touching the fabrics thereby reducing soiling, torn headings and maintenance time and costs. There will be no damage to the tracks if the baton is forcibly removed from the track and multi-wheel carriers are able to take a high amount of torque in any direction.

Architrac rods are able to be used with conventional pinch-pleated, ripple-fold and accordion-fold draperies. All sliding edges are finished with Kirlon (Teflon) for easy movement. They are made of lightweight aluminum with a durable white baked-enamel finish.

Each system includes: Deluxe Six Wheeled Master Carrier, Ball Bearing Slide Carriers, Enclosed End Cap on the finished end of the track, Theft-Resistant Deluxe 36" Fiberglass baton and Rod Support Brackets.

Minimum order of 6. Sizes may be mixed.
Tracks are custom cut. Non-Returnable.
  • Summary

  • Ceiling-mount rods are for hard-use installations
  • Reduces soiling, torn headings, & maintenance time/costs
  • Use with pinch-pleated, ripple-fold, and accordion-fold draperies
  • For one-way draw (Left or Right) draperies only
  • Sliding edges finished with Teflon for easy movement
  • Each system contains all parts needed for proper installation


  • Color: Silver with white finish
  • Material: Lightweight aluminum
  • Size: See item description for specific dimension
  • Quantity: Minimum order of 6 total, sizes may be mixed
  • System Includes: Master Carriers, Ball Bearing Slide Carriers, Enclose End Caps, Fiberglass Baton, & Rod Support Brackets


One-Way Draw (Specify Stacks Left/Right)

  • #BAT-OW3
    3' Track
  • $52.95 ea.
  • #BAT-OW4
    4' Track
  • $57.95 ea.
  • #BAT-OW5
    5' Track
  • $64.95 ea.
  • #BAT-OW6
    6' Track
  • $70.95 ea.
  • #BAT-OW7
    7' Track
  • $75.95 ea.
  • #BAT-OW8
    8' Track
  • $81.95 ea.
  • #BAT-OW9
    9' Track
  • $88.95 ea.
  • #BAT-OW10
    10' Track
  • $91.95 ea.
  • #BAT-OW11
    11' Track
  • $96.95 ea.
  • #BAT-OW12
    12' Track
  • $102.00 ea.
  • #BAT-OW13
    13' Track
  • $110.00 ea.
  • #BAT-OW14
    14' Track
  • $113.00 ea.
  • #BAT-OW15
    15' Track
  • $118.00 ea.
  • #BAT-OW16
    16' Track
  • $125.00 ea.


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